Group therapy for recovering object-oriented developers.

Have you ever thought...

"What's the big deal with functional programming?"

"Why can't Lisp just accept the fact it's dead?"

"How am I supposed to manage state if I can't change my variables?"

Hi, we're Christoph and Nate, and we had those same questions. Functional programming seemed really interesting, and using a functional style made our Javascript, Python and Scala look a bit more elegant. But pure functional programming? That sounded like ivory tower madness! How can anyone use it on a "real" software project?

Well, we've figured out a few answers and fell in love with Clojure in the process. The real fun began when we started to learn new ways of thinking and solving problems. Join us as we un-learn object-oriented development and recover our programming sanity in the process.

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Do you want to hear our backstories and even more about why we're making this podcast? Start with "Episode 001: Why, Oh Why?".

Are you ready to dive in and get started? Start with our first series: "The State of Tic Tac Toe".

Recent Episodes

Ep 118: Pure Parts

We look at pure data models we've created and see what they have in common.

Ep 117: Pure Understanding

We find a clear and pure heart in our application, unclouded by side effects.

Ep 116: The Main Focus

We turn our attention to the frontend, and our eyes burn from the complexity.

Ep 115: The Main Event

We look for a suitable place to dig into the code and find an entry point.

Episodes by Series

Just think of them as collections. Group, filter, and reduce as needed.
The State of Tic Tac Toe
Variables that don't vary? Why kind of ivory-tower world is this? How are you supposed to get anything done if you can't change anything?
Read, Eval, Print, Loop, Smile
Welcome to REPL: Radically Enhanced Productivity Land.
Our Most Complex Series Yet
A degenerate case of abstraction.
Good Times in Durham, NC
It happened at the Conj.
2019: Reduced
Reflections on a year of podcasting while looking forward to an amazing 2020!
Performance Boost
Productivity now and later.
Cooking Up Composition
Creating a rich set of ingredients, from which to craft delicious software recipes.
REPL Re-Evaluated
Release Everything Previously Learned
Grateful Reflection
(repeatedly give-thanks)