Ep 118: Pure Parts

We look at pure data models we've created and see what they have in common.

Ep 117: Pure Understanding

We find a clear and pure heart in our application, unclouded by side effects.

Ep 116: The Main Focus

We turn our attention to the frontend, and our eyes burn from the complexity.

Ep 115: The Main Event

We look for a suitable place to dig into the code and find an entry point.

Ep 114: Brand New, Again

We find ourselves staring at code for the first time—even though we wrote some of it!

Ep 113: Highlightify!

We highlight the highlights of the Sportify! series.

Ep 112: Purify!

We loop back to our new approach and find more, and less, than we expected!

Ep 111: Loopify!

We throw our code in a loop, and it throws us for a loop.

Ep 110: Contextify!

Our downloads fail at random, but our dead program won't give us any answers.

Ep 109: Extractify!

We need to test our logic, but the I/O is getting in the way.

Ep 108: Testify!

We start testing our code only to discover we need the whole world running first!

Ep 107: Idempotify!

We discover when giving up is the way to get ahead.

Ep 106: Robustify!

We push our software to reach out to the real world and the real world pushes back.

Ep 105: Codify!

We grow beyond our REPL-driven pieces toward an end-to-end solution.

Ep 104: Assembleify!

We realize we're done exploring when all of the pieces fall into place.

Ep 103: Explorify!

We peruse APIs to uncover the data hidden beneath.

Ep 102: REPLify!

We find ourselves in a murky situation, so we go to our REPL-connected editor to shine some light on the details.

Ep 101: Sportify!

We tackle a new application, thinking it'll be an easy win—only to discover that our home run was a foul, and the real world is about to strike us out!

Ep 100: Thanks Overflow

We reflect on Clojure, the community, and how much we have to be thankful for.

Ep 099: REPL Your World

We free our REPL to explore and automate the world around us.