Ep 090: Conditional Results

We devote some time to two functions that are indispensable when computations require variation.

Ep 089: Branching Out

We wander through the myriad ways of making decisions and listing choices in Clojure.

Ep 088: do dorun run!

We eagerly discuss the times we need to interact with the messy world from our nice clean language.

Ep 087: Polymorphic Metal

We discuss polymorphism and how we tackle dynamic data with families of functions.

Ep 086: Let Tricks

Let us share some tricks to reduce nesting and make your code easier to understand.

Ep 085: For for the When

We talk about this data generating macro, while we remember situations when it was useful.

Ep 084: All Sorts

We lay out a list of ways to sort your data, ordered by their relative power.

Ep 083: Sift Sans Sort

We get a handle on big buckets of data by sifting elements into smaller buckets.

Ep 082: Filter and Friends

We talk about sifting data and marvel at the simple function that can turn two steps into one.

Ep 081: List No More

We talk about positive nothing and the proliferation of tuples.

Ep 080: Apply As Needed

We take time to unroll some examples of this function.

Ep 079: Compose Thyself

We create a whole episode by combining examples of useful uses of comp.

Ep 078: Impartial Thoughts

We cover some of the ways we use partial, without getting too literal.

Ep 077: Thread Some

We spend some time going through how these macros help keep our code nil-safe.

Ep 076: Multiple Views on Juxt

We take a turn with juxt, looking at all the ways it can help line up data.

Ep 075: Merge With Fun

We focus in on merge-with, a powerful function for aggregating data.

Ep 074: Deploy, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

We survey the myriad ways we've used to launch our code into production, and laugh about the various complexities we've found.

Ep 073: Silent Sockets

We worry about the health of our websockets and, after looking for help from the standards bodies, roll up our sleeves and handle it ourselves.

Ep 072: Sea of Sockets

We switch to using a component to manage our websockets, enabling ease of development and future growth.

Ep 071: Socket Synergy

We wander into the weeds, jumping through the myriad hoops required to deliver a simple notification.