Ep 025: Fake Results, Real Speed

Nate wants to experiment with the UI, but Twitter keeps getting the results.

Ep 024: You Are Here, But Why?

Christoph needs to test his logic, but he must pry it from the clutches of side effects.

Ep 023: Poster Child

Nate gets messy finding ingredients for his algorithm cake.

Ep 022: Evidence of Attempted Posting

Christoph questions his attempts to post to Twitter.

Ep 021: Mutate the Internet

Nate wants to tweet regularly, so he asks Clojure for some help.

Ep 020: Data Dessert

Christoph and Nate discuss the flavor of pure data.

Ep 019: Dazed by Weak Weeks

Nate wants to see more than data structures in a REPL.

Ep 018: Did I Work Late on Tuesday?

Christoph wants to teach filter some vocabulary.

Ep 017: Data, at Your Service

Nate finds it easier to get a broad view without a microscope.

Ep 016: When 8 - 1 = 6

Christoph discovers that time creates its own alternate universe.

Ep 015: Finding the Time

Nate spends some time figuring out how to track his time.

Episode 014: Fiddle with the REPL

Christoph gets some work done by fiddling around.

Episode 013: Connect the REPL

Nate continues to explore the REPL by gluing it to his editor to see what happens.

Episode 012: Embrace the REPL

Christoph complicated development by misunderstanding the REPL.

Episode 011: The Convention of Configuration

Nate is worried about the hardcoded credentials in the code.

Episode 010: From Mud to Bricks

Christoph can't stand the spaghetti mess in main. Time to refactor.

Episode 009: Channeling Re-search

Nate can't decide what to watch on Twitter, and the app restarts are killing him.

Episode 008: Twitter, Plated

Christoph tries to figure out why Twitter stopped talking about Clojure.

Episode 007: Input Overflow

Nate just wants to print the tweets, but the input wants to take over.

Episode 006: All Wrapped Up in Twitter

Christoph tries to get a handle on his #clojure tweet-stream habit.