Ep 050: Parentheses! Parentheses! Parentheses!

We defend the lowly parentheses, and discuss the benefits of having this stalwart shepherd dutifully organizing our code.

Ep 049: Keywords! Keywords! Keywords!

We examine all the fascinating properties of keywords, how to use them, and why they're so much better than strings and enums.

Ep 048: Help! How do I fix my REPL?

We catalog the many ways we've broken our REPLs and talk through our strategies for getting back on track.

Ep 047: What is "nil punning"?

We gaze into the nil and find a surprising number of things to talk about.

Ep 046: When is Clojure not the right tool for the job?

We look at the varied forms that Clojure can assume and consider where it might not fit.

Ep 045: Why have derived fields in data when I can just calculate derived data as needed with a function?

We take a focused look at the balance of using functions or derived fields and where each is preferable.

Ep 044: What's so different about Clojure's REPL?

We evaluate what a REPL really is and show that it's much more about the developer experience than simply calculating values.

Ep 043: What is 'faking' a resource?

We talk about the virtues of faking and then outline several real techniques for getting work done.

Ep 042: What does it mean to be 'data-oriented'?

We merge together different aspects of Clojure's data orientation and specify which of those help make development more pleasant.

Ep 041: Why do Clojurians make such a big deal about immutability?

We cover several practical side effects of immutability and why we've become such big fans of data that doesn't let us down.

Ep 040: Should I use lein, boot, or tools.deps?

We assemble a list of build tool characteristics and talk about how each tool stacks up before giving our recommendations.

Ep 039: Why use Clojure over another functional language?

We examine the different categories of functional programming languages and distill out what differentiates Clojure and why we prefer it.

Ep 038: How do I convince my coworkers to use Clojure?

We recall our own experiences evangelizing Clojure and give practical advice from the trenches.

Ep 037: What Advice Would You Give to Someone Getting Started With Clojure?

We trade off giving practical tips for intrepid learners reminisce about our own paths into Clojure.

Ep 036: Why Do You Recommend Clojure?

We take turns sharing our favorite reasons, and we can't help but have fun riffing on how enjoyable Clojure is to use.

Ep 035: Lifted Learnings

Christoph and Nate lift concepts from the raw log-parsing series.

Ep 034: Break the Mold

Christoph finds exceptional log lines and takes a more literal approach.

Ep 033: Cake or Ice Cream? Yes!

Nate needs to parse two different errors and takes some time to compose himself.

Ep 032: Call Me Lazy

Christoph finds map doesn't let him be lazy enough.

Ep 031: Eager Abstraction

Nate finds that trouble comes in pairs.