Episode 014: Fiddle with the REPL

Christoph gets some work done by fiddling around.

Episode 013: Connect the REPL

Nate continues to explore the REPL by gluing it to his editor to see what happens.

Episode 012: Embrace the REPL

Christoph complicated development by misunderstanding the REPL.

Episode 011: The Convention of Configuration

Nate is worried about the hardcoded credentials in the code.

Episode 010: From Mud to Bricks

Christoph can't stand the spaghetti mess in main. Time to refactor.

Episode 009: Channeling Re-search

Nate can't decide what to watch on Twitter, and the app restarts are killing him.

Episode 008: Twitter, Plated

Christoph tries to figure out why Twitter stopped talking about Clojure.

Episode 007: Input Overflow

Nate just wants to print the tweets, but the input wants to take over.

Episode 006: All Wrapped Up in Twitter

Christoph tries to get a handle on his #clojure tweet-stream habit.

Episode 005: Tracking, for the Win

Nate tries to figure out who actually won this never-ending game of tic-tac-toe.

Episode 004: Atomic Curls

Christoph tries to make tic-tac-toe work over the Internet and discovers the power of the atom.

Episode 003: Tic-Tac-REPL

Nate tries to turn the tic-tac-toe game engine into a real application he can play with a friend.

Episode 002: Tic-Tac-Toe, State in a Row

Christoph tries to make tic-tac-toe and gets stuck on immutability.

Episode 001: Why, Oh Why?

Nate and Christoph try to figure out how to make a podcast.